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The International Rail Forum for North America (IRFNA) is a center for discussion amongst public transit agencies in North America that operate rail systems, and an opportunity to bring the region into a global discourse about best practices in the industry.

The primary objective of the Forum is to connect North America’s rail transit agencies to the broader international community that is rich with perspectives and experience, and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

Each year, the International Rail Forum for North America will identify critical issues and themes that transit agencies in North America are concerned about and will host workshops, research or conferences to help its members build the capacity to determine solutions, connect and share resources and attain critical knowledge in each subject.

This year's Forum - “Public Transit as a Business”, together with WMATA and supported by APTA and CUTA, will focus on how to position transit systems as a resource that can leverage commercial opportunities and can generate other funding streams for future investment. Transit industry leaders of North America along with their peers across the globe will be joined by experts in transportation, finance, and commerce to discuss how to measure, harness and reinvest the real financial return of transit investments. The sessions will feature global success stories of generating non-fare income streams, discussions with interested private sector investors, and the latest thoughts on infrastructure public and private financing.

The International Rail Forum for North America will take place on December 7-8, 2017 in Washington DC. We hope to see you there!


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